You Can Find The Best Job With These Strategies!

Job searches can be difficult and intimidating. However, successful searches can dramatically increase the quality of your life.

This site is for today’s job-seeker who is undergoing a business divorce or death. Chances are there have been many changes in the world since he/she last had to look for a job. Today’s employment market is not what it was even 5 years ago.

Corporate situations change quickly. Business relationships can change quickly and unexpectedly. Sometimes, you can read the handwriting on the wall, and know it is time to move on. Other times, without notice a company will lay you off or go out of business. Current statistics show that job longevity is now between three to five years in one company, a far cry from the one-job careers of our parents.

This site will show you everything involved in conducting job searches. This includes:

Job Searches – Step by step advice for a successful search. Learn to utilize all of your potential job sources.

Cover Letters – The initial introduction.

Resume Preparation – This includes free resume examples.

The Interview – Learn to prepare, advice on answering interview questions.

After The Interview – Important next steps including the “thank you” letter.

Closing The Deal – Deciding if the job is right for you, and negotiating the salary and terms.

The work involved in finding the right job is not easy, but each step is necessary and important to your success. Overlook nothing. It is often the small, inconsequential items that can trip you up or cause you to lose a perfectly good opportunity. Don’t be lazy and try for shortcuts. They can lead to dead-ends and unnecessary backtracking, and wasted effort and time.

The first thing you need to do is read our employment search page. It goes over in detail the four methods of how to find a job.

For information on how to make a resume, please visit our resume preparation section. To be certain your resume is professional looking, take a look at our free resume writing tips, our free resume examples, and our free resume samples.

If you need assistance writing your cover letter, we have an extensive listing of free cover letter samples on our cover letter advice and tips page.

Learn how to succeed on job interviews. We have tips and advice on a variety of interview topics including answering interview questions.

After the interview you need to send an interview thank you letter. Take a look at our interview thank you letter samples, and be sure to read our interview follow up section for proper etiquette on following-up after the interview.

Finally, learn about negotiating salary and benefits. Advice and tips on closing the deal and getting the job you want.

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