An accountant resume requires special care. To land a job in this field, it is essential that the applicant drive home the details regarding their strengths, career drive, and employment goals.

A resume for accountant needs to contain the following information: employment history, education, and job strengths. Detailed information must be included to increase the chances of reaching the interview stage. It is important, however, to ensure that the information is presented clearly and concisely.

Writing a successful accounting resume

When building an accounting resume, there are a few important features that must be added. First, list all of your contact information (home phone, cell phone, and email) and verify the information is correct. Think about privacy when giving out business numbers. If privacy is a concern, only list home or cell phone numbers.

Dates and areas of certification are essential to any career in accounting. Those who have not yet completed certification will need to state so on their accountant resume. Qualifications are also critical. This highlights the applicant’s strengths, so the more listed the higher the chances are for an interview.

While listing strengths on your accounting resume, give emphasis to items that helped save the company money or increased clientele. These items offer proof that the applicant is a leader rather than a follower. Many potential employers look for these qualities. Employers are more likely to move an accountant resume to the “call for an interview” pile if there is proof that the applicant is self-motivated and considerate of the business as a whole.

Professional experience should be listed in chronological order from the most current to oldest position. Applicants who go back further than ten or fifteen years will likely be discounted in most cases, as they appear long-winded. List employment details in order on the resume for accountant and include only the applicable job details. Do not over glorify the position.

List details that may be unique on the resume for accountant. If 401k plans, employment taxes, or payroll are specialties, say so. Not every applicant will have skills in these fields. Also include a willingness to learn and learn quickly on the accounting resume.

The importance of proofreading

Being good with numbers is important in an accounting position. Proving that one is adept with numbers is hard to display on a resume. For this reason, it is crucial to triple check employment dates. A glaring error on an accountant resume would be to have dates reversed. Have a friend, family member, or significant other check over the resume when it is complete. This can save the applicant from an embarrassing mistake.

It is common to not include references on any resume including an accounting resume. Often, however, employers will want to receive this information in advance rather than having to hunt it down later. Instead of listing references, it can be beneficial to include separate letters of reference with the resume. This saves the prospective employer time and the thoughtfulness will count a lot.


Educational successes are important for an accountant resume. This does not mean submitting every course on a transcript, but it should give any relevant education that has been completed, or that is currently in progress. Overlooking the schooling details can cause a potential employer to discard a resume.

Landing a job in accounting is tough today. With many qualified people battling for jobs, the key is to develop an accounting resume that wows the employer. Avoiding the pitfalls that turn a potential employer away is extremely important. Think about these items before submitting a resume for accountant. These tips can help you to get that dream position!

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