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If you are conducting an aviation job search, an online job search is a good avenue for you to pursue. Conducting an airline job search online is a good idea because many airline jobs are never listed in the newspaper. They are posted on online job search websites, though. For example, when we visited Monster they had more than 1000 aviation jobs listed.

Putting Your Resume Out There

The first step in your job search is getting your resume online. Posting your resume is very important so that employers can find you. In fact, some employers don’t list their jobs openings at all. This is because they find it easier to just download the resumes that match their needs. For this reason, it’s very important to have your resume posted.

Posting your resume is easy. You will have to register in order to post your resume on Monster.com. The registration process is easy and just takes a moment. You can follow the link to post your resume on Monster, which is the largest job search site.

Monster has a feature that helps you create a resume. However, we recommend you do not use those features and write your own resume instead. That way yours will stand out. Visit our resume page if you need some tips to get you started. If in doubt, hire a professional to write your resume for you. Your resume is an employer’s first real introduction to you, and it has to be good. The exact process for posting your resume varies from site to site. Just click on the button that says “resumes” and follow the instructions.

If you are currently employed and don’t want your employer to know you are looking for a new job, don’t worry - you can post your resume anonymously. Your name and all other identifying information can be removed.

As part of a comprehensive airline job search, we recommend putting your resume on Monster and a few other search engines, to maximize your chances of getting a good job offer.

Doing an Airline Job Search

To do an aviation job search, choose a job search engine. The most popular two are Monster and Careerbuilder. Both will produce good results for you, so take your pick. When you go to your chosen search engine, type “aviation” or “airline” into the “keyword” field.

Now, aviation is a broad category. It can include everything from engineers to pilots to flight attendants to flight instructors. It can include maintenance and sales and customer service. You may wish to narrow it down a bit. On the other hand, if you make it too narrow, you may inadvertently screen out opportunities you’d like to apply for. Our advice is to start big and gradually narrow your aviation job search down as needed.

Next, put your city and state or zip code in the location field, and click the search button to begin your aviation job search. If you live in a small town, you may need to use the zip code of the nearest city where there is an airport or airline industry in order to get many results. Here, start close to home and work outward as needed.

Because different jobs may be listed on different search engines, it’s a good idea to repeat your airline job search on both of these major search engines.

Resources for an Aviation Job Search

Networking is always a great resource for any job search. Make sure your friends and acquaintances all know you’re looking for a job. Enlist their help in your airline job search.

To get the right job, you’ve got to have the right resume. Check out our resume page if you need help. Don’t forget, you can post it online anonymously, so you don’t have to worry about your current supervisor seeing it if you’re still employed.

The right online job search engines are very valuable resources as well. The ones we recommend are Monster and Careerbuilder. You should post your resume on both sites.

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