Best Job Search Engines

People often ask us about the best job search engines, and they also want to know about free job search engines. Well, the best job search engines just so happen to be free job search engines!

We’ve checked out many job search engines, and the best ones we’ve found are Monster and Hotjobs. Careerbuilder is ok as well, but since most of the jobs posted on Careerbuilder can also be found on the other sites, we don’t recommend it.

Signing up

Signing up for these search engines is easy. It only takes a minute to sign up for a free account on Monster, and if you have a yahoo account, you’re already registered with Hotjobs. Otherwise, it only takes a minute to sign up for a free yahoo account and you’re ready to go.

Job search features

You can search for jobs by location. On Monster, you can search by city and state. On Hotjobs, you can search by city and state or by zip code.

You can also search by field or keyword. Be as specific as you like, or just look under a general field and see what comes up. This is a great way to see what kinds of jobs are out there. You may be surprised and might find something new you’d like to try.

Resume features

You can post your resume so that potential employers can find you. The really nice feature on these sites is that you can post your resume anonymously, so if you’re still employed you don’t have to worry about your current employer seeing it.

Your resume is really important, since thousands of people use the best job search engines to post their resumes. Yours has to stand out from all the others. Check out our resume page for help creating a winning resume.

Monster and Hotjobs have features that will help you build a resume if you need help, but in order to have a resume that stands out, you’ll be better off writing your own.

Job tools

These sites offer handy tools, such as an assessment to determine which careers fit your personality and a salary calculator to help you determine the average salary for someone in your position. Take some time to explore the various tools available to you on these free job search engines.


These sites all offer a wealth of articles for job seekers. Actually, a lot of the articles will still be useful after you’ve found a job, as well. They cover topics from how to negotiate a better starting salary to how to interview to how to get along with difficult coworkers. Take advantage of all the information available on these free job search engines.

Message boards

Monster also has message boards where you can converse with other job seekers. Get tips from others, share the frustrations of job hunting, and do a little networking. This is a great feature. It’s no wonder Monster is one of the best job search engines available.


As you can see, these free job search engines offer a number of wonderful resources for the job seeker. That’s why we’ve selected them as the best job search engines from the many search engines available. They are also the most popular and get the most traffic. Don’t waste your time on search engines that get little traffic from employers.

Also, never pay to list your resume on a search engine. The best job search engines are free.


Our favorite free job search engines are: Monster and Careerbuilder. It’s free, so start your job search today by following the link and posting your resume. Remember, you can post your resume anonymously so your current employer won’t know you’re looking for a new job.

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