Sending in a bookkeeping resume is often necessary to get a position in this field, where the average starting salary (in 2015) is about $37,000 a year. 

In recent years, more than two million people in the United States alone worked in this field, and those hired made good use of bookkeeper resume samples. After 2-3 years, it is very common to have a yearly salary of well over $40,000.

Bookkeeping does not always require a college degree, so this can be an excellent career for those who cannot afford college. It is usually necessary to have successfully completed high school, and to have taken several math courses.

Items to include on your resume

There are features to list on a bookkeepers resume that will help land better positions. Make sure that current telephone and email contacts are correct. List all pertinent accounting classes and any college degree, if applicable. In all cases a high school diploma or equivalent is required, so submit proof of graduation. List all of these items in chronological order. Follow bookkeeper resume samples to ensure all of the important information is included in a workable format.

Bookkeeping resume examples - resources

Additional education

Higher pay scales will be offered to candidates who have passed a bookkeeping certification program. As an applicant, it is critical to include this information on a bookkeeping resume. Not every employer will require it, but it can help land a profitable position if this extra step has been taken. Ordinarily, a bookkeeping certification program takes two years to pass, and requires passing scores on three major tests. View the above bookkeeper resume samples to learn how to include information if certification has been received.

Tips and advice

To get an interview, there are items to include on a bookkeepers resume that others may not think to add. Skill with word processing software, databases, and spreadsheets is usually a strength that employers will not pass over. If a potential employee is already fully skilled in utilizing these programs, the odds are a high that a prospective boss will call the applicant in for an interview. Definitely include this information. Automation is a growing trend, and companies are more interested in applicants who have strong computer and math skills over just those with the strong math skills. Be sure to refer to our bookkeeper resume samples to learn how to organize, list, and make the most of these additional skills.

Prior work history should be listed in chronological order on the bookkeeping resume. Those who have run into a spell of job-hopping may want to use a functional resume. Examples can be seen in our samples section.

Finally, information on job goals should be included on a resume. Many jobs are heading overseas in cost cutting measures. Daring individuals may find that listing a willingness to transfer on their resume can guarantee placement within a company. Someone has to go overseas to train the companies used for outsourcing. Even if the training session is only temporary, a company may well be willing to hire the individual to travel to other countries to train foreign employers on a permanent basis. Free travel becomes an added perk.

Before applying for a bookkeeper position, be sure to follow compelling bookkeeper resume samples so that the information catches a potential employer’s attention from the start. Remember that each company will be viewing many resumes, so it is critical to make your bookkeeping resume stand out against others.

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