To land a job in construction, a quality construction resume is necessary. Construction is a field in which jobs are regularly available. 

Advancement is a strong possibility, as is job assurance. Even if a rare lay-off occurs, odds are high that the construction worker can get a better job elsewhere.

There are many individual fields within construction, and to land any of these positions, the resume must relay that the applicant has strong math skills, ability to stand for long periods of time, and capabilities with lifting heavy objects. Past experience also needs to be listed on your resume. Follow a construction resume sample to view how to present the information in chronological order. Information on any regular workouts or weight lifting can be beneficial to add; as it proves lifting will not be an issue.


On average, non-union construction workers earn up to $16.00 per hour. Those in a union average can earn significantly more. Starting wages begin at $9.00 per hour. The more work experience, even that done on a personal “do-it-yourself” level, counts and should be listed on your resume. Many companies are happy to train men and women, but potential employers do look for resumes that demonstrate the applicant is willing to be trained, happy to work overtime, and most prefer applicants with their own tools.

Career growth

There are many opportunities for advancement within the construction world. This is especially true for women who are finally finding their place in a career once dominated by men. Apprentice construction workers can quickly become supervisors or even gain managerial positions.

It is important to list career goals on your resume. This additional information can catch a prospective boss’s eye. It means that longevity is something for which the applicant strives. It is costly for a company to spend time equipping and training a worker to have them leave shortly after.

Construction work can depend on the weather. Storm stricken areas often require additional construction workers. Applicants should state a willingness to temporarily relocate to other areas on their construction resume.

Additional resume info

The above items are only a few of the details found on a construction workers resume. All resumes should first have the applicants name and then applicable contact information. Employers need to know that they can easily get in touch with their prospective employee. A past work history, job skills, career goals, education, and reference information will also be found on a construction resume sample. List only the qualifications that apply to the particular field in which a job is available. Would-be employers do not want to waste their time looking at skills that are not related to the job at hand.

As a position in construction is not an overly formal job, a formal sounding resume is not needed. In fact, too formal a tone can make a person sound overqualified. Put together a resume that offers the pertinent information in a casual format. This is one way to ensure the potential employer does not overlook a resume.

In the Unites States, there are more than one million jobs in the construction field. Having a solid resume can ensure that you land a worthwhile position in the world of construction. Following a well-written construction resume sample is often the best path to follow.

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