This page contains employer interview questions. These good interview questions are designed to get the candidate to talk, and then to determine if they will fit into your organization. 

It is very important for employers to prepare for an interview. Remember, at the same time you are evaluating a candidate to potentially hire, they are evaluating you and your company to determine if they would want to work there. You must sell your company during the course of the interview. Many candidates turn down jobs because the interviewer did nothing to pique their interest.

We will now go over some employer interview questions. We will also give ideas for what to look for in responses. Remember, a good interview question gives the interviewee an opportunity to succeed or fail. It should be open ended, not a yes/no type of question.

Employer interview questions

The following good interview questions will help you screen job candidates. You are looking to make sure the candidate is qualified, but also that they are a good fit for your organization. Here are the good interview questions employer:

1. Why are you considering leaving your present job?
or Why does our business interest you?
What is your understanding of our business.

2. Tell me in detail what you do/did at your past company.

3. Of these various duties, which do/did you like best?

4. Which did you like least?

NOTE to questions 1-4: The purpose of these questions is to get the candidate to talk, enabling the interviewer to judge the suitability of experience, and whether they will like your job.

5. What are your greatest strengths as a person?

6. What are your greatest weaknesses as a person?

NOTE to questions 5-6: Look for realistic quality of replies, their bearing upon job success, ability to “face” themselves versus denial of weakness.

7. Are you generally lucky?
NOTE: A seemingly strange, but good question. Not all will say “yes”. If they ask, “Lucky at what?” reply, “Just generally lucky.” Watch for the whiner or the “hard-luck” person.

8. What other jobs are you applying for?
NOTE: Some will say “none”, but look for replies indicating lack of focus to the applicant’s ambitions, or interest in other types of work.

9. What type of person is hardest for you to deal with?

10. Tell me about the boss you liked best?

11. What sort of work would your spouse/family like to see you have?

12. What would you like to be doing with this company--?
in two years?
in five years?

NOTE: Watch for focus of ambitions and realistic quality of expectations in light of opportunities in the company.

NOTE: The following two questions need careful handling. Never ask them at the start of an interview. Ask them casually, and they may tell you much.

13. What is your spouse’s/family’s chief criticism of you?
NOTE: Some will hesitate a long time. This calls for investigation of the person’s background. Some will say, “No criticism.” If so, go to the next questions.

Those who talk often reveal a great deal of value. Some will confess drinking, gambling, or other problems. You never know.

14. What is your chief criticism of your spouse/family?

15. What do you think is the most important question you have been asked?

REMEMBER Don’t waste time; If your turned off in five minutes, tell him/her you’ll be in touch. If your interest is high in pursuing him/her, continue the interview and sell the company and position to the interviewee.

Hopefully these sample employer interview questions will help you. It is important to customize the questions for the specific company and position.

Now that we have gone over the employer interview questions, you need to be aware of important resources that can make your candidate search easier and more thorough.

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