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How to Find a Job

Conducting an employment search is comparable to seeking a new life mate: after the business divorce or death, the person must go on with his/her life and search for a new mate. You may choose to remain in the same area, or relocate and make a fresh start somewhere else. In any case, there are four basic ways to search, some more worthwhile than others. Yet all should be tried, as you never know where and when the right match will happen.

The hardest and least comfortable employment search is the “Blind Date” (answering blind ads and posting resumes).  Less stressful is the company advertisement, which is like a “Personals” ad.  Going through a “Matchmaker” is the agency/search firm route.  The most productive way is the “Networking” route – the family/friend/former colleague connection.  80% of all positions never reach the public sphere.  They are filled through matches made by friends, relatives, and colleagues who introduce people to companies. 

Four methods how to find a job

The “Blind Date” is the most disliked and often hardest way of meeting a new person, because each of you knows nothing (or very little) about the other. This is the equivalent to answering a blind advertisement, or having a company spot your resume on a job board. Here is where you need the strongest resume and cover letter to sell yourself, as you do not know who and what the company is, and what they really want.

A Company Ad is like a “Personals”. They tell you a little about themselves and ask if you are interested. You don’t know much, but enough to pique your interest on some salient points. It is a superficial overview. You can do some research on the company before going there. The resume is important here, too. Your resume is selling yourself as a good match for their type of company.

The “Matchmaker” is equivalent to using an employment agency or search firm. These “head-hunters” will assess your background, desires, education, and goals and try to arrange the right match. If you are honest about your experience and desires, they will not send you on wild-goose chases to the wrong companies. They will prepare you for the interview by telling you about the company, its people, and its needs. They will also prepare the company as to what to expect of you. This is a much more in-depth connection in this type of employment search.

“Networking” (through a friend/relative/business colleague) is the best way of matching you and a company. As in dating, a friend can describe who and what you are to the other person, and tell you about that person and their company. That way, when you meet, you are more comfortable with each other. Your resume is important here, also, but you as a person are the strong selling tool. Your contacts know you as a person and can talk about you positively and more three-dimensionally. The resume is an excellent two-dimensional alternative, but it does not carry the weight of a personal description that a contact can do for you. So treat you contacts very considerately. They may be you next, and best, job source.

Conclusion: How to find a job

Conducting an employment search in these times is a full-time job in and of itself. You cannot sit around and wait for it to happen, or merely answer a few ads and wait to be contacted. You will be waiting a very long time. There are so many qualified people available for each and every job vacancy that you must go out there and really sell yourself to contacts, agencies, and companies.

The following articles may assist you in your employment search. If you have any questions on how to find a job, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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