Free resume examples can be very helpful. It is absolutely necessary to have an effective and winning resume. Your resume is the company’s first impression of you. A weak, bland, generic resume labels you one of the pack – nondescript and ordinary. Boring!

We have taken thousands of resumes, and put the best free resume samples on this page. Use these resources along with the additional information on this site to help improve your resume and get the best job available.

If you need a sample of a job resume and cannot find it on this page, please contact us and we can send you several free resume examples.

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Free resume examples

Accountant resume - Learn how to write an accounting resume. Tips and advice on how to make a resume for accountant stand out.

Nursing student resume - Information on how to prepare a student nurse resume. Tips and advice on how to prepare a resume that will “get you that interview”.

Call center resume - Information on how to prepare a call center resume. Tips and advice on how to successfully land a job in a call center. Many call center jobs are now “work at home”, find out more about this option. Resume call center resources.

Bookkeeping resume - Advice on writing a bookeepers resume. Bookkeeper resume samples and tips. Find out what hiring officials are looking for on a resume.

Sample of a nurse resume - See how to write a successful nursing resume. Nursing sample resumes, and advice on getting a rewarding nursing position.

Sample job resume - Information on preparing resumes, ahd how to maximize your use of a samples and templates. Help finding the best resume samples on the web.

Sample of pilot resume - Resume samples and advice on how to prepare a pilots resume. How to write the type of resume that employers are looking for.


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