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Assuredly, the best way to receive a lucrative job offer is by utilizing a good resume sample. Anyone can create a resume, but employers look for a concise, neat, well-written resume that grabs the attention from start to finish. With many free resume samples available online, there is no excuse for a poorly written resume.

It is helpful to find a free sample of a resume before attempting to write it. Any resume needs to include the following information: name, address, contact information, past work history, education, and career goals. It is important to note that a good resume sample never features information on hobbies, race, or religion. Those aspects add clutter to a resume and may actually turn off a prospective employer. Another turn-off is thicker parchment or brightly colored paper. While it may appear that the resume will grab the employer’s attention, it can also add the suggestion that you are desperate. A potential employer wants to be intrigued not pressured.

Free resume samples typically start with contact information. These are the telephone numbers or email account at which an applicant can be contacted. It is critical that only numbers and accounts checked regularly are listed. Returning a message several days later will guarantee that the applicant will not get the job. Dependability is a must, and a good resume sample helps to reinforce that all necessary contact information is included.

The next section on a resume is work history and experience. List only the jobs relevant to the position if the list of past employment is rather lengthy. Include accurate dates. Catch an employer’s eye by listing important contributions that helped improve the work place, if applicable. An example of this is to list anything that helped a previous employer to save money. Potential bosses love creative thinkers who contribute to the efficiency or budgeting in a workplace.


Job hoppers can cover up their infrequent work history by grouping jobs together. This way prospective employers get the impression that more than one job was handled at one time. On a free sample of a resume, listing any volunteering or educational opportunities can fill in job gaps that occurred during the gap. This is a great tip for stay home parents or those who took a sabbatical.

Education is another important aspect on a free sample of a resume. Any night classes or online courses can supplement gaps in education if the applicant has been out of school for a while. Even free online courses in writing or grammar can help if they are relevant to the position.

If a resume includes cultural, racial, or religious information, it is a good resume sample to avoid. Potential employers who are even slightly bigoted can use this information to exclude applicants from those advancing to the interview process. While this behavior is illegal, proof of discrimination is hard to prove in this situation.

Finally, be sure that the free sample of a resume followed contains career goal information. Motivation and determination are admirable qualities to prospective bosses. Knowing an employee is going to strive to go above and beyond can help a boss choose the perfect employee, especially if that employer has goals that fit well within a company.

Heading online is the best tool for finding a good resume sample. The Internet is packed with free resume samples written by organizations that know what works and what will fail the job hunter every time. Human resource departments may see dozens of resumes every day. There are only so many hours in a day. Only resumes presenting information in an organized manner and offer insight into the applicant’s employment goals are going to move to the “possible” pile. Following a quality good resume sample ensures the applicant's resume gets noticed.

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