Interview Follow Up
Proper Etiquette

Good interview follow up skills are very important, and are often overlooked.

It’s after the job interview, and you sent your post interview thank you letter. Now what? If your first interview was a result of your own efforts,

you may call/email for feedback regarding the interview, and ask whether a future interview is on the horizon. Call/email about 4-5 days later, or about when the company stated that it would be making its decision, if you have not heard from the company by then. Make one call/email only. If you get no response (no one speaks with you, or calls/emails you back), assume that you are not being considered for the position. Do not keep calling/emailing. You sent your note expressing your interest, and you follow-up called/emailed. That is enough. You will annoy the company, and that will definitely turn them against you, even if they still might have been considering you.

With agency/search firm-generated interviews, the counselor will do the interview follow up for you. Never call the company directly if you are working with an agency or search firm. Don’t be over-anxious and become too pushy with the company or the agency handling you. You will do yourself harm that way.

If you become a pest to them, the company will back off. Let them come to entice you to work for them. Over-anxiety will get you a lower salary offer, if they do decide to hire you. They will judge you as being desperate, and willing to accept any somewhat-reasonable offer. Have patience! Searching for a job is a hurry-up-and-wait situation. You hurry up to get the company your resume, then you wait to hear, and wait again after the job interview.

Interview Follow Up – When To Move On

If you don’t hear within a reasonable time after the job interview (several weeks, usually), assume you did not get the position, and move ahead to new frontiers. Let it be a pleasant surprise if you are finally contacted with an offer. You will save yourself a lot of needless anxiety by waiting for the call every day. Move on with your search. Remember, some companies move quickly, and some go slowly and cautiously. Everyone wants to be sure that they are making the right decision.

Be very aware that, if you had the interview via a search firm, you must always let them do the interview follow up for you. Do not go over their heads. They are your intermediary and can negotiate money and perks for you. They know what you want, and what the company will spend, and can do the compromising and haggling. Companies regard it very negatively when a candidate calls them directly instead of using his/her counselor, as it is the employment counselor’s job to speak with the company on your behalf. The counselor presented you and he/she is supposed to follow up.

Waiting for a response after the job interview is the hardest part of job searching. You can do nothing about the situation, except wait. You gave it your best on the interview, now it is up to some else to judge you. Be patient. Over anxiety, and trying to push for an answer will only boomerang on you. Sometimes the other party needs time to think it over before either rejecting you outright or deciding to continue the process.

Always keep in mind that searching for a job is a full-time job in and of itself, if you are doing it right. You are thinking and planning day and night to make sure that you are exploring all avenues. Overlook nothing. One path may prove unproductive, while another may yield several leads. Follow each and every one. One contact may lead you to another, and that may be the right one for you. Nothing you do is really a waste of time, as you never know where it may lead you.

If you have any questions about interview follow up, please write to us. Remember, after the job interview you must be patient. Don’t blow a position by being over anxious.

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