Common sense interview strategies and interview tips:

It normally only takes only about 30-45 seconds for the interviewer to initially decide if he/she likes you. The rest of the interview time is spent confirming or justifying that decision in his own mind. If may not be fair, but it is human. Let his first impression be a positive one about you.

Arrive on time and dressed appropriately. Give a firm handshake, to a male or female. Look at the person as you are interviewed. Don’t lie or hedge your answers. Be direct and truthful about what you know and don’t know. The interviewer will respect you for your honesty. Ask pertinent questions about the company and the specific job.

Never ask about salary, benefits, or vacation time on a first interview. If the company explains it to you, fine. But don’t ask! The idea is “what you can do for them”, not what they can do for you. Salary and benefits discussions usually take place at subsequent interviews, when the company’s interest in you is more definite.

Presentation is very important. You need to dress appropriately for the interview. Your presentation should include direct eye contact, and that firm handshake (including women). Present a pleasant positive attitude (smiling, not frowning).

These interview strategies will help you be more successful. We will now go over our interview tips, and then discuss important resources that all job seekers need to utilize.

Interview tips and interview advice

Do not “put down” your former company (no whining). Be flexible (benefits / money / location / job functions), or you will lose out to others who are. Be positive. LISTEN, as well as speak.

Never criticize your former company, colleagues or staff. Blaming them for your loss of job is immature and self-serving. “Management was stupid. They ruined the company, and that is why we’re out of business”. “I don’t know why they kept him and laid me off. He didn’t do a better job, they just liked him better”. Interviewers will mark that as a strike against you.

Negativism on an interview is always going to hurt you. Even in describing your job functions, keep things positive. Don’t say what you weren’t allowed to do, but rather emphasize what you did accomplish, and what untapped skills you feel you can offer a new employer. Be matter-of-fact in your speech. Give information, not excuses.

“Had the company not moved, I was slated to become shop foreman”.

“If my former company had been fortunate enough to stay in business, I would have been able to complete the systems revisions I started”.

Be prepared to negotiate salary and/or benefits. Accept the fact that you may have to work a little further away, or a few longer hours, than you currently do/did, perhaps for less money than formerly. Flexibility is the key.

You will normally never know which way the interview is going, if the interviewer is a true professional. He/she will keep as neutral a demeanor as possible. So give it your best, and hope the chemistry is there.

Now that we have discussed interview strategies and interview tips, its important to be aware of resources that can help your job search.

Important resources:

The interview strategies and interview tips we discussed are very important. Also important is to utilize all of the resources that you can in your job search.

Resume Edge has “industry experts” that write each resume and cover letter. We have found that they consistently deliver a quality product, and highly recommend them. Without a quality resume, you could lose out on interviews.

Resume Blaster will email your resume to over 500,000 employers, recruiters and headhunters that are hiring right now. They get your resume in front of decision makers.

Posting your resume on all the job boards can be tedious and time consuming. Resume Robin will post your resume to over 75 of the most popular job boards. It will only take 5 minutes!

Considering the time these services can save you, they are very reasonably priced. We highly recommend you take a look at them.

If you have any questions about our interview strategies and interview tips, please contact us. For additional interview advice, please write to us.

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