Interview Thank You Letter

An interview thank you letter is one way to make you stand out from the crowd when you apply for a job. After all, when they have a position available, employers often receive dozens of resumes and interview a large number of potential employees.

You need to do something to make yourself special, and a thank you letter is just the thing to do the trick. That’s because many applicants do not bother to write a thank you letter. You should do it every time. It doesn’t take long, and it can make a big difference.

The thank you for interview letter lets the interviewer know how interested you are in the available position, reminds them of your interview (which hopefully went well), and lets them know why they should hire you. The interview thank you letter also tells the interviewer that you are a true professional.

How to Write an Interview Thank You Letter

You don’t have to copy this exactly – in fact, you shouldn’t; you should adapt it to fit your own situation – but it will give you an idea of how to write a thank you for interview letter.

Keep the letter short. A couple of paragraphs should be plenty. Just remind the employer of your qualifications for the job, and let them know you are very interested.

Here is what the letter should look like:

Your name
Your address
City, state, zip code
Phone number
Email address

Name of company
Name of interviewer
Company address
City, state, zip code


Dear Mr./Ms. Interviewer’s last name:

I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the management position at Comfort Inn and Suites. After learning more about the position, I feel certain I would be a valuable addition to the Comfort Inn family.

My management experience and excellent customer service skills will allow me to provide quality service to staff and guests alike. I am experienced at motivating a team of staff members and at directing staff in a positive fashion. I am also experienced in handling the business side of things.

I am very interested in working with you. I thank you for taking the time to meet with me, and I look forward to hearing from you soon about the position.


Your signature

Your first and last name, typed

More Tips for Writing a Thank You for Interview Letter

  • Make sure you get the interviewer’s name and address the letter to the correct person.
  • Make sure you spell the interviewer’s name correctly. If you are not sure how to spell it, call the company’s receptionist and ask.
  • If you are interviewed by more than one person, write an interview thank you letter to each one.
  • If you are called back for a second interview, and the same person interviews you, you do not need to send a second thank you for interview letter.
  • Your letter should be typed on plain white paper. Make sure to proofread it for spelling and grammar errors.
  • Type the address on the envelope. You want the entire letter to look professional, including the envelope it arrives in.
  • The exception is if you faxed or emailed your resume. If the employer specified that resumes should be faxed or emailed, the interview thank you letter should be faxed or emailed as well.
  • Send your thank you for interview letter within a few days of your interview. You want it to arrive in a timely fashion.

Feel free to write to us if you have any questions about how to write a thank you follow up letter after an interview. We would be pleased to help you with your job search.

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