Job interviews – the need to prepare 

So you finally have that first date – an interview! Your adrenalin is high – you can’t wait to go! Do you just mark the time until that day? NO! The key to succeeding at job interviews is to properly prepare.

Get reference letters in advance, if your company is going out of business or moving out of state. Make sure your answering machine has a professional sounding message. Bring out the shoe polish, clean the suit, and prepare your mind. Try to find out as much as you can about the company with whom you have the date.

Research the company. Find out what they do; where they do it; who their customers and vendors are; how large they are; if they are a publicly-held company, or privately-owned. No matter what the position you are seeking, you should always go to an interview as well informed about the company as you can be, so that you can say and do the right things.

Do not be late. Lateness is a mark of disrespect and carelessness, two attributes you do not want to project to a prospective employer.

In order to succeed on job interviews, you need to present well, and answer interview questions effectively. You also need to ask good interview questions. By asking good interview questions, you show interest and intelligence. Often good interview questions are what separate average and superior candidates.

Good interview questions

Keep in mind that, no matter what the company size or fame, you are only meeting one person. That person will decide your fate with his company – to meet others in the company, or to eliminate you from further consideration. Remember that fact. On job interviews you are selling yourself to an individual, not a corporation.

Many interviewers feel that what separates average and star candidates is not how they answer questions. It’s the questions that they ask. This is why asking good interview questions is so important.

Good interview questions are vital. Candidates that only ask about the job responsibilities and company policies do not separate themselves from the pack. However, if you ask a question like: “I understand what the job requires and what is expected of me. What I would like to know is what more I can do so that I stand out and advance”. That’s the type of question an interviewer wants to hear!

It is not just what you are, but who you are as a person that will tip the scales for or against you. So put you best foot forward. As on any date, chemistry is the key. You may have everything the other person is seeking in a mate, but the chemistry is just not there, and there will never be a marriage.

Succeeding on job interviews

The following sections will provide guidance for succeeding on job interviews.

Free interview answers - Learn how to answer difficult interview questions. Samples of interview questions and answers.

Good interview questions - The questions that you ask on an interview tell a lot about you. Learn which job interview questions will help you stand out from the pack.

Interview strategies and tips - Interview advice, strategies and tips. Learn how to act professionally during the interview. Suggestions to help ensure interview success.

Interview questions ethical or illegal - Find out which interview questions are illegal. Learn how to answer illegal interview questions.

Interview thank you notes - See why it is important to send thank you letters after an interview. Sample interview thank you letters.

Writing sample for interview - Some employers will require a writing sample. Learn how to choose an effective interview writing sample. See what employers are looking for. Tips and advice.

Free interview questions - Learn how to answer the more difficult interview questions. Examples of interview questions and answers.

Employer interview questions - We have had many requests by employers for effective questions to ask on interviews. These are good interview questions to "weed out" potential hires.

The following pages cover interview reference questions, interview thank you letters, and also will give you free answers in interview situations. There are many examples of good interview question as well as sample interview thank you notes. We get many requests for good answers to interview questions, so we have provided a thorough list of job interview questions and answers. If your going on an interview, its very important that you read our sample question and answer interview. We even have samples for specific jobs such as interview questions bookkeeper, management interview questions, and interview questions for business analyst. Recently we also added the following pages: business analyst interview questions, interview questions for health care workers, and journalism interview questions. No matter what type of position you are seeking, we can help you. We have pages for most professions including project manager interview questions, interview questions for pastor wife, and even interview questions for teachers. After receiving several requests, we also added the following specialty sections: custodian interview questions, sales interview questions, and of course, sales interview closes. Some of the other topics we cover include school nurse interview questions, and teacher interview questions. We even have pages on what to do after the interview such as sending a post interview thank you letter. So for an extensive interview question list, or thank you for interview letter samples, please follow the links. ** UPDATE ** Due to continued requests, we have recently added the following pages: phone interview questions, and how to answer interview questions in difficult pressurized interviews.

If you have an additional job interviews questions on how to answer interview questions or how to ask good interview questions, please write to us and we can provide further information.

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