A medical assistant resume should reflect professionalism and capability. Whether you are just graduating, or you are returning to be a medical

assistant after some time away, a good resume is key to getting a good job. Writing a resume for medical assistant involves careful thought as to what to include in the resume. Doctors, hospitals and other medical facilities receive several medical assistant resumes each day, so it is important for yours to stand out.

Here are the items that you must have when writing a resume for medical assistant: name, contact information, work history, education, professional development and memberships in professional organizations. This is also the order in which the items should be listed on your resume.

Name and contact information

You would be surprised at how many people forget to include their names and/or contact information on their medical assistant resumes. Many people focus so much on making sure that the resume is formatted correctly, and that their many qualifications are listed, that they forget to include their names and/or contact information. When writing a resume for medical assistant, make sure you check the resume to ensure that a header containing name, address, phone number and email address is included.

Work history on the medical assistant resume

Including your work history is an important part of your resume. This is even more important than including education on the resume. Why? Because work history on medical assistant resumes shows a practical application of the information learned during training. Recent graduates should include any internships or volunteer services as part of a school requirement in the work history section. Proving yourself as capable in “real world” situations is important, as it demonstrates that you will be able to handle working in a new job.


When writing a resume for medical assistant, remember to include education. While this is not as important as showing practical application, your education experience does show that you have received proper training, and that you successfully completed the requirements necessary to becoming a medical assistant. Listing your educational experience is an important part of the resume writing process.

Professional development

Medical assistant resumes should include a separate section that shows continuing professional development. Even if you have been out of the medical assistant workforce for a while, you should still have been taking classes and occasional courses to remain updated on the latest in procedures. New technology is especially important to the professional development of medical assistants. When you show that you are keeping up to date with your professional development, you make yourself a more desirable candidate.

Professional organization membership on your medical assistant resume

Good medical assistant resumes include a section that lists professional organization memberships. These memberships show that you are involved with the accredited organizations that can help you stay up to date. And because membership in these organizations usually requires some sort of certification, it is a further professional acknowledgement that you are capable and a thorough professional.


References should go on a separate sheet of paper, and not your resume. References show that you have colleagues, former bosses and teachers that feel good about your performance. These are people who have a high opinion of your abilities and who can vouch for you in a professional setting. It is important to contact your references before writing a resume for medical assistant to get their permission for you to use them, and to verify their contact information. References should include their name, title, company, phone number and email address.

Checklist: Needed information for medical assistant resumes:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Work history
  • Education experience
  • Professional development
  • Professional memberships
  • References on an additional page

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