This page contains sales interview closes and advice. Although you never know what direction an interview may take, how the interview concludes often determines whether you will get the job.

It is very important to be prepared for an interview. During the course of an interview, you may be asked 30 questions or more. Just one bad answer can stand out and cost you the job. Make sure you are well prepared and know how to answer difficult interview questions.

We will now go over several types of sales interview closes. After the closes, we will go over our sales rep interview tips.

Sales interview closes

No matter how an interview goes, you have one final chance to convince the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the job. At the end of the interview, you will have an opportunity to sum things up or ask questions. This is where, especially as a sales person, you need a strong close. Here are some examples of sales interview closes:

1) The Summary sales interview close. This is a traditional and safe close. You basically reiterate the 3-5 compelling requirements the interviewer gave you (when you asked) and provide a brief parallel to YOUR qualifications, showing that you meet or EXCEED the requirements. You then ask about the next step in the interview process. You must close and indicate your interest in the opportunity. You must reiterate your unique qualifications for the position or, YOU WON'T BE CALLED BACK!

"Mr. Jones, before I leave, I would like to thank you for your time and the information you shared. Based on your companies need for a stable, over-quota performer and a promotable type, I offer my own track record: 6 years with my current company, National Club all 5 years and two subsequent promotions as evidence that I'm the person for your East side territory—how do we proceed from here?"

2) Humorous sales interview close. If there is an immediate chemistry, personal info has been shared and you are convinced the interviewer can already see you in the position, you can use an assumptive close that won't OVER FORMALIZE the end to a great meeting:

"Before I leave, Mr. Jones, I have two important questions: When do I start and where do I hang my hat?" A bit of humor, a lighthearted demeanor and a definite acknowledgment of your strong interest in the unoffered position. Be careful with this close if the interviewer has not shown a sense of humor.

3) Two-step sales interview close. This is the best close. "Mr. Jones, before I leave your office, I have a question: Is there anything that would prevent me from progressing in the interview process? "

(You most likely will receive a courtesy answer.) Likely the answer will be, "No there is not". On the unlikely chance that a concern is raised, you have a chance to overcome the objection. If the answer is 'No', you proceed to your real close. You've just painted the interviewer into a corner with your positioning question—he has just indicated that there are no concerns about your abilities to do the job. Now, you nail it down: "Then, I have your approval to proceed to a second interview? Can we calendar that right now?" Or, "So, when can I expect a call to set up the next interview?" Or, "Who will the next interview be with?"

The great thing about this last close is that you use the interviewer's courtesy close and polite refusal to share concerns as the launch pad to your close. You take a possible negative and turn it into your reason for getting the position!

You need to always be closing. Treat your sales job interview like any other sales call. Listen carefully, overcome any objections, and close throughout the interview. If you can get the interviewer to picture you successfully performing the position, you've closed.

Hopefully these sales interview closes have helped you. It is important to customize the answers to your specific background and experience.

We will now go over the sales rep interview tips.

Sales rep interview tips

Do not “put down” your former company (no whining). Be flexible (benefits / money / location / job functions), or you will lose out to others who are. Be positive. LISTEN, as well as speak.

Never criticize your former company, colleagues or staff. Blaming them for your loss of job is immature and self-serving. “Management was stupid. They ruined the company, and that is why we’re out of business”. “I don’t know why they kept him and laid me off. He didn’t do a better job, they just liked him better”. Interviewers will mark that as a strike against you.

Negativism on an interview is always going to hurt you. Even in describing your job functions, keep things positive. Don’t say what you weren’t allowed to do, but rather emphasize what you did accomplish, and what untapped skills you feel you can offer a new employer. Be matter--of--fact in your speech. Give information, not excuses.

“Had the company not moved, I was slated to become shop foreman”.

“If my former company had been fortunate enough to stay in business, I would have been able to complete the systems revisions I started”.

Be prepared to negotiate salary and/or benefits. Accept the fact that you may have to work a little further away, or a few longer hours, than you currently do/did, perhaps for less money than formerly. Flexibility is the key.

Now that we have gone over the sales rep interview tips, you need to be aware of key resources that can make your job search easier and more thorough.

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If you have comments about the sales interview closes, please contact us. For additional sales rep interview tips, please write to us.

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