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It is very common to search for a sample job resume. A sample of a job resume can be very helpful when writing your own resume. 

So exactly what should you include on your resume? A resume should never make the potential employee work for information. A resume should provide potential employers with a short description of who you are, what you’ve done within your job profession, and why you are the right person for the job.

Generally, a sample job resume will include an objective, but it is best for most job seekers to avoid an objective paragraph on their resume. You don’t want the objective to cause you to lose out on another potential opening. Instead, you should tailor your cover letter towards the particular job you are applying for.

Sample of a job resume: What to include

A sample of a job resume usually generalizes achievements, but your real resume should be specific in describing your accomplishments and job responsibilities. As an example, you should specifically discuss your regular job functions, mention any important projects that you were part of, and also highlight how you contributed to your previous employers’ success and growth.

Sample job resume resources:

If your having trouble putting together your own resume, then a sample job resume can be very helpful. A sample of a job resume will provide the general format for your resume, as well as a basic idea of the information you need to include. Be sure to take advantage of the resources available on this page. It is extremely helpful to see other samples of resumes that are similar to your background.

After first describing your work experience, a sample of a job resume will also show how to include education and skills into your resume. The education and skills’ sections should follow the work history section, and should be brief. The education section of a sample job resume includes college names, the degree obtained, and graduation year. A resume should also include any relevant certification. Although a sample job resume may have high school information listed, you do not need to include it if you have a college degree.

The skills’ section comes after the education section, and should list all relevant talents and skills. Usually, a sample of a job resume lists computer skills, language skills, and specific job skills.

The final two areas of consideration are salary and references. Desired salary should not be mentioned on a resume. Its best to discuss salary on cover letters only. Even there, be open and flexible. You don’t want to lose a good long-term opportunity over a few thousand dollars. References also don’t go on your resume. At the end of the resume you can indicate that; References are available upon request. You don’t want your references to be contacted unless you are interested in the position. If they are contacted too often, they will get annoyed.


To prepare a winning resume, you need to do your homework. Although a sample of a job resume can help, you still need to make sure it truly exemplifies your skills, background and desires. Put in some time, and you can prepare a winning resume that gets you good interviews. 

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