Sample Of Pilot Resume

Having a sample of pilot resume is very important. With the aviation field as volatile as it is today, all pilots, employed or otherwise, should keep their resumes updated at all times.

Having a basic pilot resume template ensures that critical information such as training dates, phone numbers of employers, and awards presented are not forgotten with the passage of time. Having a complete and up-to-date pilot resume can mean the difference between securing that coveted pilot position and applying too late to be considered.

The first step in creating a sample of pilot resume is gathering all of the information needed. Making a list of marketable skills; verifying employment dates, addresses, and phone numbers; and reviewing all certifications earned is central to a correct pilot resume. This information should be compiled into your pilot resume template.

Writing your pilot resume

There are a few items that should be left out of the pilot resume template. Reasons for leaving a previous position should be left out. If needed, these facts can be discussed in the interview. Including them in your sample of pilot resume just wastes valuable space. Do not include age, health, religion, or sex. In the United States, it is illegal to choose someone based on these criteria, and these items should not be referred to in your sample of pilot resume. Finally, do not include references on your resume. At the end, just say: References available upon request. They should be written on a separate sheet of paper and taken along to the interview. If they are needed, they will be asked for.

What to include on your pilot resume template

Creating the pilot resume template is the next step. The pilot resume should follow this simple and easy to read format:

  • Contact Information – this information should be at the top of the page to show the employer who they are reading about. Make sure to include full name; address with city, state, and zip code; and any phone numbers and an email address that the employer may use to contact you.

  • Overview – this is used to create a powerful opening statement for the resume. It should focus on the specific skills that you possess that an employer would value. For the pilot resume template, this feature can be general. Upon submission to an employer, it can be edited to reflect what the employer is looking for.

  • Experience – the first line should be general information about the position. For each position held, be sure to include title, company name, city, state, and years of employment. Below this first line should be a brief description of duties preformed for this position. This should focus on achievements and responsibilities, rather than routine tasks.

  • Education/Training – this section should focus on any schooling or training that is necessary for the job applied for.

Once the pilot resume template is completed, make sure it is stored in a secure and easily remembered place. This template can be modified in the future to apply for specific positions, making the process much quicker and more accurate. All of the basic information will already be included and only minor editing will be needed.


The aviation field is changing and becoming more uncertain every day. Keeping the sample of pilot resume current and up to date will prove beneficial by saving time and reducing missed opportunities. Having a sample of pilot resume will also allow you to reflect changing trends in the industry and will keep you on top of your field.

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