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Creating a sample resume cook may prove to be beneficial in the future. According to the National Restaurant Association, there will be an

additional 1.9 million restaurant jobs in the United States by the year 2016. Businesses in the restaurant industry come and go with changing trends. Making sure your relevant experience remains current on a cook resume may help guarantee continuous employment or even land you the job of your dreams.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind while writing a cook job resume. The sample resume cook should effectively communicate your education, skills, accomplishments, and total experience. A helpful piece of advice is to review websites geared towards food and dining to choose keywords to emphasize on the resume. Remember that different venues have different employment needs. You may want to create a sample resume cook geared towards larger operations and another one geared towards local or family owned businesses.

What to include on a cook resume

The first item on your cook job resume is your contact information. Include your full name; address with city, state, and zip code; and any phone numbers that employers may use to contact you. You may also include an email address as a point of contact. Verify that all information is accurate and spelled correctly. Beneath the Contact Information many people put an objective. Objectives should not be on your resume. They belong in the cover letter.

Next on your cook resume is the personal profile. These 4 or 5 sentences give employers an overview of your qualifications relevant to the type of position you would like to obtain. This is also the place to include any personal traits or special skills that would help you excel in the position. For a sample resume cook, this section may be written as a general description and revised when a job is applied for.

The next section of the sample resume cook highlights experience and duties performed during the course of your career. This section should utilize keywords such as quality control and catering, as well as cooking terms such as grill, flambé, and pastry. In today’s world of emailed resumes, these keywords will allow employers using keyword-scanning software to pick up on points of interest in the cook resume and identify strong candidates for employment.

Employment with different establishments should be broken up into small sections. Each major detail should be listed with bullet points, with a brief description following immediately after. Do not include things that do not relate to the field you are interested in, such as serving popcorn in a movie theater or walking dogs in high school. These items have no relevance on a cook job resume.

Educational qualifications and training are listed near the end of the sample resume cook. This section should include any degrees earned, special classes completed, and/or any awards won. Affiliations with career related groups or associations are listed here, along with any related interests.

Additional tips

When creating cook job resume, you need to avoid common mistakes. One easily forgotten mistake is using a silly email address such as or as a point of contact. This shows the employer that you are not serious about making a good impression.

Don’t embellish your accomplishments. Many cooking interviews include a demonstration of skill, so don’t claim the best Baked Alaska if you have never made meringue. Remember that spell checker software does not always recognize technical terms, so have a dictionary handy to review anything you are unsure of.

Remember that a cook job resume is just an enticer and is not meant to be all-inclusive. Any other items of interest will be discussed in the interview. The sample resume cook should be saved in an easily remembered file or location for future use. With a well-written cook resume readily available, the career search will be easier and much more effective.

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