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Before reading the student teacher cover letter, here are some tips to help you in preparing your cover letter.

Cover letter tips

Punctuation, spelling and grammatical correctness is essential! Do it right, or don’t do it at all! Errors distract the reader, and downgrade his opinion of you. If you are not careful with your own cover letter, then how careful are you of your work?

Cover letters and resumes must be done on good quality paper. Onion skin or photocopy paper is unacceptable. Wild colors are also unacceptable, and unprofessional at any level of experience.

If you are seeking a paid position, you need to put the salary range you seek in the cover letter. Some schools will request your “salary history”, but all they really want to know is how much money you are looking for. State your salary requirements as it is better to be eliminated up front than to go on a wasted interview.

Student teacher cover letter

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I am writing to you to apply for a student teaching position, on the elementary level, with your school district. I will be graduating Mercy College in June 2009. As my resume shows, I have student teaching experience on the third and sixth grade levels, in several school districts.

My past student teaching positions were working with preschool children. These positions enabled me to provide students with a “head start” in mastering basic skills. I am very patient, creative and nurturing.

I am looking to combine my diversified experience with my ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic, intelligent teacher. I will make a positive contribution to your school district.

Please feel free to contact me at the above address, or phone number.

Thank you for your consideration, I am looking forward to your reply.

Yours truly,

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The attached resume is presented for your consideration. I am seeking a student teacher position as a Speech Language Pathologist.

I have had the opportunity to work with children of all ages and abilities while a student at Hofstra University, where I will be graduating next year with a Masters degree in Speech Language Pathology.

I am seeking a position that will allow me to continue working with children in many different ways. I think you will find that I am qualified for the position you are trying to fill.

If I can provide you with any further information on my background and qualifications, please let me know. Please feel free to contact me at the above address, or phone number.

Thank you for your consideration, I am looking forward to your reply.

Yours truly,

Your name

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