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If you want to work in the tax field, an online tax job search might be a good idea for you. Many jobs in tax are only listed on job websites.

For instance, we did an accounting job search on Monster and found 8000 accounting jobs listed. On Hotjobs we found more than 10,000 accounting jobs. Most of these jobs will not be listed in the newspaper. By looking online, you will have access to literally thousands of jobs at your fingertips.

The best websites to use for your online accounting job search are Monster and Hotjobs. That’s because these sites get the most traffic. You will find more jobs on these sites than on any other sites, and more employers visit these sites looking for potential employees.

The First Step: Writing Your Resume

In order to conduct a tax job search on line, you will need to have a resume. Monster has a feature that will help you create a resume, but we recommend you do not use that feature. You need a resume that will stand out for your accounting job search, not one that looks like every other resume on the site.

If you need help writing your resume for jobs in tax, visit our resume page. If you’re still not sure you can write a resume on your own, you can hire a professional resume writer. Our resume pages have links to professional resume writers. Your resume is your first introduction to potential employers, so it has to be good.

The Second Step: Posting Your Resume

Before you can post your resume, you will need to register. If you have a yahoo account, you are already registered for Hotjobs. Otherwise, registering only takes a moment. Registering for Monster only takes a moment as well, and is easy to do.

If you are currently employed and are concerned that your present employer might see your resume, don’t worry. You can post your resume anonymously, without your name or address showing.

The Third Step: Letting Your Resume Work for You

Employers will search the database of resumes and contact you if they feel you will be a good fit for their jobs in tax or accounting. Your resume will be working for you 24 hours a day, which is why your resume is so important.

We recommend you post your resume on both Monster and Hotjobs in order to maximize your chances of finding a job.

The Fourth Step: The Tax Job Search

Searching for jobs in tax or accounting is easy. Enter your city and state or your zip code in the “location” box. Then select a category. On Monster, the category is accounting/auditing. On Hotjobs, the category is accounting/finance. You can also enter key words. If you specifically want to work in the tax field, type “tax” in the “key word” box. You will find many jobs in tax and accounting.

We recommend you do an accounting job search on both Monster and Hotjobs, because different jobs may be listed on each site. Also, do a tax job search every day, because new jobs are posted daily.

Resources for a tax job search

To conduct a tax job search, you will need a professional-looking resume. Visit our resume page if you need help writing your resume. You will need to post your resume on websites where it will be seen. We recommend both Monster and Careerbuilder for your accounting job search. You can follow the link to post your resume, and remember you can post it anonymously if you are concerned about your current employer seeing it.

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