Top Job Search Websites

If you’re going to look for a new position online, you need to know the top job search websites. The two most popular job search sites are Hotjobs and Monster. These sites stand out from the rest for many reasons.

They receive more traffic than other sites

Thousands of jobs are listed on these top job search websites. Many of these jobs are not posted on smaller job search sites, and many never make it into the newspaper. These top websites may be the only place a job is ever advertised.

Thousands of employers can see your resume. Busy employers often do not bother to look for resumes on smaller, less well-known job search websites.

They’re free

The top websites are all free to use. Never pay to use job search engines or to post your resume on job search sites.

They are easy to use

It’s easy to register for free accounts on Hotjobs and Monster. It doesn’t take much time, and there is no charge to post your resume.

On both of these job search sites, it’s easy to search for jobs by location, category, and keywords. You can find the jobs you’re looking for in an instant.

It’s also easy to post your resume, as well. Monster and Hotjobs have features that will help you build a resume, but we recommend you not use these. Writing your own unique resume will help yours stand out from all the rest. Visit our resume page if you need tips on how to write a winning resume.

You can post your resume anonymously if you wish

This is a great option for those who are still employed and do not want their current employers to know they are job hunting. There are a couple of ways you can do this.

You can post your resume without your name, address, or other identifying information. You can leave your resume available for anyone to see. If you prefer, you can keep your resume private. That means it is only available for employers to see if you respond to an ad for a job they have posted.

We recommend you post your resume but leave out the identifying information if you are concerned about your current employer seeing it. We do not recommend keeping your resume private, because then your resume cannot “work” for you. When your resume is visible to everyone, it can be “working” for you night and day, anytime a potential employer happens to be online and comes across it.

Job search sites feature articles and other useful tools for job seekers

You’ll find articles on topics ranging from what to wear to an interview to how to negotiate a better starting salary to how to get along with a difficult boss. These top job search websites also offer things like a self-assessment to help you figure out which career best fits your personality and a salary calculator to help you determine the average starting salary for a given position.

Resources and Top Job Search Websites

We recommend you visit each of the two top job search websites: Careerbuilder and Monster. It’s worth your time to post your resume on both of these job search sites. Remember, you can post your resume anonymously if you’re concerned that your currently employer might see it. Visit these sites frequently, because new jobs are posted every day.

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